Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mobile Thing 5: Notetaking

I love Evernote!  I use it both professionally and personally.  A new notetaking app that I discovered through 23 Mobile Things is Remember the Milk.  I am not sure if I will use this professionally or just for personal lists.  

Mobile Thing 4: Keeping Up

I was introduced to Flipboard a year or so ago.  I wasn't really sold on it, but now that I've revisited it, I love it!  One thing I really like is how things are presented.  I like Twitter better through Flipboard than the newsfeed format on Twitter.  

I have heard of Zite, but never took the time to explore it.  I love it!  It, much like Twitter or ScoopIt offer resources and articles that help me stay current professionally.  

Mobile Thing 3: Utilities

Three utility apps I like are StandApp, iHome Sleep, and Wi-Fi Finder.  I like StandApp because I do not always have time to exercise or go for a daily walk.  StandApp offers exercises to do at my desk.  This allows me to take a break from what I am working.  Any exercise is better than none!  iHome Sleep is great when I forget my alarm clock when I am traveling.  I prefer it over any annoying alarm clocks in hotel rooms.  Finally, Wi-Fi Finder is great when I travel.  I do have cellular data service with my iPad, but sometimes it is nice to access free wi-fi rather than pay for service.  

Mobile Thing 2: Mobile Device Tips

Mobile Device Tips on iOS7 are not new to me.  I use my iPad professionally and use the notification center daily to help me know what meetings I have the next day.  This is quick, easy to use and access.  Multitasking feature is convenient to go back to apps or sites previously used.  I also like this to close out items.  The control center I use least often.  I do not change settings in the control center often.  Actually, there are times that  forget the convenience of the control center.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mobile Thing 1: Blogging & Registering

I loved 23 Things on a Stick, so I decided to join 23 Mobile Things.   As a media specialist, I am always learning and looking for new technology things to share with teachers and students. I am simply adding my new things to the same blog I used before.  I updated the name to include my new 23 mobile things.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thing 23 - One Last Thing

I've completed the online survey and as I mentioned in the survey, thank you, thank you! 23things is a terrific professional development opportunity. I am excited to continue learning about library 2.0 tools.

Thing 22 - What did I learn today?

1. I resolve to stay current and keep up with my blog. Since I cannot access many things at school I might not be able to commit 15 minutes a day, but hopefully on a weekly basis I can further investigate somethings such as some of the challenge ideas.

2. I certainly can ask myself "what did I learn today?" on a daily basis to blog these ideas.

3. One way that I've kept up is the intrigue of these 23 Things. This definitely was an adventure. I've shared some ideas with teachers at school and hope to continue to do so. Webjunction-Minnesota is a great resource and I hope to share aspects of this with collegues.

Thank to all who helped to put 23thingsonastick together and for promoting this across the state! As I mentioned earlier, this is a wonderful adventure that goes on and on!

A Quote from Dr. Seuss

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